13. Feb, 2011

the adventure continues…

at tewarnerwales.blog.com and maybe one of these days I can work on the rest of this egypt story:)

06. Feb, 2011

this one time I lived in a hotel in Barcelona for a week because I was evacuated from Egypt

Sunday,February 6th- Barcelona 11:11 am-make a wish:) So, I considered going back and doing a play by play, day by day, making up times in which I wrote. Instead, I’m going to write one big massive post to catch you up. I’m in BARCELONA! I have been here since Tuesday night, I think. My days [...]

03. Feb, 2011

reality s[t]inks (in).

Monday, January 31 1:45 am My bags are packed, the one bag is set to stay here and hopefully be shipped back. Leaving some food on the desks- hopefully the maids will enjoy it. And its so weird. I have only been here a week and I don’t want to leave. 9 days ago I [...]

03. Feb, 2011

looks like there is going to be an exodus from egypt

Sunday January 30 9:20 PM Going home.its for real. We got news from the embassy today that we are supposed to exit the country. They’re making arrangements stateside and rumor is it will be in themorning. Its just sad, frustrating…. Its really not that big of a deal but the idea of packing up and [...]

03. Feb, 2011

Television is only one way communication

Saturday, January 29 11:55 pm Its been quite the adventure here… and by that I mean a lot of sitting around and waiting. Yesterday we watched the news from 2pm until we went to bed about 11 or so. I sat on the floor for a long time. Today I didnt have nearly the stamina [...]

03. Feb, 2011

who unplugged the internet router??

Thursday, January 27th 1:41 am (technically Friday…) Whoa. Texting has been shut off, internet isn’t working anymore and there is a chance that phones won’t be on tomorrow. Egypt is in crack down mode for sure. A lot is probably going to happen tomorrow- especially in light of what happened in suez, there is rumor [...]

03. Feb, 2011

and the restrictions begin…

Wednesday, January 26 5:50 PM Today started with a presentation by the embassy of important numbers and a brief overview of what they can and cannot do for us and so forth. We had breakfast (which wasn’t just croissants this morning- we had muffin as an option also!! I was excited. Blueberry for me! Then, [...]

26. Jan, 2011

bet you can’t belly dance on a moving bus.

Tuesday, January 25th 1:39 am (really wed) Today is one of the days to put in the books. People took to the streets in Cairo. Its been extremely interesting watching things happen from this side- and the coverage of the events. As things escalated, it seems as though the information that was available decreased… and [...]

23. Jan, 2011

its always important to know who has the right of way

Sunday January 23 – Cairo 2:18 pm So I really have every intention of unpacking today and wiping down the shelves with toilet paper. To start with some less dusty shelves, but, today has been a very productive day. Classes worked out. The fifth class has yet to be determined- the possibility for the refugee/migration [...]

23. Jan, 2011

battles against distraction, cats and shower drains

Saturday, January 22 – Cairo 3:50 pm Adapt. That is the key word. Its a crazy thing to find yourself in a country that you don’t speak the language and really don’t know anyone. You didnt come with anyone… there really isn’t much of a safety net to speak of. So, here’s what I have [...]